- Domenico Grenci


04.09.16 - 23.10.16

Domenico Grenci

Born in 1981, the Italian draughtsman and painter Domenico Grenci lives and works in Bologna. We are very happy that we were able to win him over to an exhibition of his drawings and paintings on canvas here in Freinsheim. Domenico’s main subject is presenting and portraying people. He uses a well-versed figuration to transfer his model’s physique onto canvas, while his sensitive empathy enables him to capture the emotional situation and psychological status. These specific talents make it possible for him to present his model as a whole and coherently. Sandro Parmiggiani describes this as the symbiosis of physical reality and psychological truth (1). Grenci usually paints and draws both his canvas images and works on paper using bitumen and charcoal and uses colours only rarely. When painting with bitumen, he uses a specific self-developed technique. What stands out is his ability to handle both large and small formats. Our exhibition presents 45 paintings on canvas and works on paper.


Bitume, coal on paper

Dimensions: 300 x 294 cm