K.R.H. Sonderborg

One of the leading artists of the German Informel.

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1923 Born as Kurt Rudolf Hofmann in Sonderborg (Denmark). 1929?1940 School education and commercial training in Hamburg. 1941-42 Held under detention by the Gestapo in Hamburg. 1946-49 Student of Ewald Becker-Carus, Willem Grimm and Maria May in Hamburg. Member of ?Zen 49?, a group of artists in Munich. 1951 Changed his name to K:R:H: Sonderborg. From 1965 onwards, professorship at the Academy in Stuttgart and ? in 1970 ? appointment as professor at the University of Minneapolis. Numerous solo and group exhibitions all over the world, e.g. the Venice Biennale and documenta.

4.9.91, 18.12-18.45 h

Acryl on canvas, 1991

Dimensions: 117 x 81 cm

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