Per Kirkeby

"These works do not really deal with the Faeroe Islands as the central theme, although they would never exist without his stay there. They obtain their vigour from the relationship between image and imagination".

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The painter, sculptor and architect Per Kirkeby was born in 1938 in Copenhagen as a son of an engineer. In 1962, he joins ?Den Eksperimenterende Kunstskole?, an avant-garde group of artists. In 1968, Kirkeby makes his first short film, which is strongly influenced by Andy Warhol?s film theory and which is followed by another 23 short films published during the period until 1989. At the beginning of the 70ies, Kirkeby turns from Pop Art towards the Informal Painting of the 50ies, which he had strongly criticised and rejected in the years before. In 1973, he makes ?Huset? (The House), his first outdoor brick sculpture. The first oil paintings follow in the subsequent year. In 1978, Kirkeby is offered a professorship at the Kunstakademie in Karlsruhe and makes his first bronze sculptures in 1983. The 80ies see him focusing on both large-format oil paintings and monumental monolithic brick sculptures. Since 1995, Kirkeby has been increasingly active in architecture. Per Kirkeby lives and works in Copenhagen, Frankfurt/Main and Arnasco (Italy).



Dimensions: 80 x 60 cm

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